[PSS] Code Style validation

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[PSS] Code Style validation

Post by Bosparan »


yet another idea inspired by my project work:

PSS already does a great job finding syntax errors. But what if you could also detect style issues in a project?
- Tabs or spaces (and how many?) for indentation?
- Variables properly styled?
-- Uppercased?
-- Lowercased?
-- Camelcased?
-- As a parameter of a function or an internal variable?
-- Illegal letters/symbols in names?
-- Blacklisted names?
-- Too short?
- braces properly placed?
- Parameter block properly laid out?
- Cmdlet binding present?

If this comes, having these rules set as a file that is part of the project would be awesome, since that too could be shared and managed as part of Github.


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Re: [PSS] Code Style validation

Post by DevinL »

Thank you for your suggestion, I've filed an internal feature request and if we get some more information on implementing this, we'll be sure to post it here.
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