Creating Form to Check if AD user exists

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Creating Form to Check if AD user exists

Post by kevinsray2022 »

Hi All,
I am new to PSS, but am loving what I see so far.
I have been writing PS1 scripts for several years and all has been nice, but this is a great tool to consolidate a lot of what I have done.

I am trying to create a form where I type in user first and surnames, and it checks if the user exists on Active Directory.
I have many scripts which run natively in PS and work, however, when I try to use them, they don`t see to work correctly.
When using Get-ADUser to see if a user exists, I can`t get PSS to give correct feedback.
Is there something I am missing....
My code looks like this:

if (dsquery user -samid $userID){$label1.Text="Y"}
elseif ($userID = "null") {$label1.Text="N"}

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Creating Form to Check if AD user exists

Post by jvierra »

  1. if{Get-Aduser -Filter "SamAccountName -eq '$userID'"}(
  2.     $label1.Text = 'Y'
  3. }else{
  4.     $userID = $null
  5.     $label1.Text = 'N'
  6. }
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