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Silent Install

Post by stefanwue1968 »


have a small problem with a silent installation of msi software.
Trying for a long time to install the program Libre Office version 7 Silent. Here is my command:

Start-Process MsiExec.exe /i "C:\SilentSoftware\LibreOffice_7.2.5_Win_x86.msi" RebootYesNo=No /qn

But without success. The following error message appears

Start-Process : No position parameter was found, which contains the argument C:\SilentSoftware\LibreOffice_7.2.5_Win_x86.msi.

What am I doing wrong ??? can someone help me with this ?
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Re: Silent Install

Post by jvierra »

"No position parameter was found,"

Type the following at a prompt:

help start-Process -full

This will give you all of the instructions on how to use the CmdLet.