PrimalScript 2021 Installation Issues

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PrimalScript 2021 Installation Issues

Post by boyddt_co »

PrimalScript 2021 8.0.19 040121
Windows 10

Recently update my DevOps Suite and in PrimalScript when I click on File | New there are no templates listed. Secondly, when I click Help | Check now none of the programs are listed with their current version information. This is happening in PrimalScript, Powershell Studio and PrimalXML.

How do I get my templates to show up and how do I get the program version numbers to show up?

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Re: PrimalScript 2021 Installation Issues

Post by Olga_B »

Please provide more information about Suite update: what PrimalScript build was installed before, what build is installed after update
Secondly, Check Now button in Help/Updates panel will launch the Sapien Updates tool, that is design to check for available updates for products that installed on your system.
If there is no products listed in the tool, that means you have all latest products installed

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Re: PrimalScript 2021 Installation Issues

Post by Alexander Riedel »

Please navigate to this folder: C:\ProgramData\SAPIEN\PrimalScript 2021\Templates\File Templates
and see if you have files there. If not, something in the install went wrong and I would encourage an uninstall/reinstall to see if that help.
If the files ARE there, go to File - Options - Script Setting - Directories and check where the "Templates" entry points to.
If it is empty, your registry entries may have been erased or corrupted. If it contains another location, please let us know where it points to.
Alexander Riedel
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