how to automate console input.

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how to automate console input.

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Below is my command to perform one activity. It accepts few arguments which is fine and no issues there. But when we run that command in cmd, it asks for password and confirm password.
I want to automate that password and confirm password part. How can I do that?


When we run below command in cmd -

c:\Test\myscript.exe --arg1 --arg2 --config "c:\Temp\config.cfg" --confirm

It shows below in same command prompt-

Performing the script execution for ABCD.

Enter password:

Type again to confirm:

What I need is, How can I automate this enetering of password and confirm password, considering I have the password.
Please help here. Powershell or vbscript is preferred solution.

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Re: how to automate console input.

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