MsgBox need help

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MsgBox need help

Post by dellaschm1972 »

I need to put a msgbox indicating if the command below was executed successfully or not

#$GroupTest = $textboxCheckGroup.Text
$textboxResultado.Lines = Add-ADGroupMember -Identity $textboxGroup.Text -Members $textboxLogin.Text

If the command execute successfully shows the msg in the popup: 'Access Released'
If the user already has group access, show the msg in the popup: 'User already has group access'
If the command does not execute successfully, displays the msg in the popup: 'Command not executed, check data entered'

Can you help me?
Thank you very much in advance

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Re: MsgBox need help

Post by jvierra »

This is a link that will help you when using WinForms. Look to the left for more articles:

MessageBox Control