Splash Screen sort of working

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Splash Screen sort of working

Post by brianclark »

I have read through the instructions on the "Show-SplashScreen", and in my application the Splash screen works. However, after I build the app and run it from a .exe the splash screen comes up, however there is no image. Is it due to me putting my images in a folder within the directory?

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	$paramShowSplashScreen = @{
		ImageLocation = Join-Path -Path (Get-ScriptDirectory) -ChildPath '\Images\Loading.png'
		Title		  = 'Loading Data ...'
		PassThru	  = $false
	Show-SplashScreen @paramShowSplashScreen
I must be missing something, or what I need to do to embed the image in the application. Any guidance would be appreciated.
One other question, can I use a gif instead of an image?