Powershell Studio Volume License Cost

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Powershell Studio Volume License Cost

Post by cyberninja2017 »

Currently my team is considering purchasing Powershell Studio 2019. We are a team of 4 and each have our own laptop. We also share a virtual terminal server between the 4 of us. I see the cost of an annual license for Powershell Studio is $399. Would the total cost be $399 x 4 (and we each receive a license) or would we receive one license to use between the 4 of us at a discounted cost?

Also, I read that one license can be used on two devices. Is this true?

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Alexander Riedel
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Re: Powershell Studio Volume License Cost

Post by Alexander Riedel »

The cost of an annual license is not $399. The initial cost per license is $399. Subsequent year renewals are discounted.
The license itself is perpetual, so the subscription is for updates, upgrades and support. If the subscription expires you can still use the last version you had.
You can have a multi-user license or 4 individual licenses, the choice is yours. It's really a question on what is easier for you to manage.
And yes, one license can be activated on two devices, provided it is used by the same user.
For further details, discounts etc. I would suggest to email sales@sapien.com.
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