Can't clone from GitHub

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Can't clone from GitHub

Post by astrohart »

Product: PowerShell Studio 2019 (64 Bit)
Build: v5.6.160
OS: Windows 10 Pro (64 Bit)
Build: v10.0.17763.0

I am trying to clone a PowerShell project from GitHub and open it in PowerShell Studio and I am
having problems. First, in order to utilize Git, I went to File -> Options -> Source Control and
then I selected Git in the dropdown. Also, please bear with me in some of my rants below, I am
very frustrated that such a simple issue is consuming a lot of my precious time.

Figure 01 shows a screen shot of what I did next. I clicked on Source Control and then
clicked Clone.

Figure 01. Opening the Source Control tab and clicking Clone.

I was presented with a dialog box that prompted me to paste the Clone URL for my remote repo. I
pasted in my repo's URL and clicked OK, as shown in Figure 02.

Figure 02. Pasting my repo URL in the Clone dialog box.

The Tool Output window showed some red text, that says the following:

Code: Select all

>> New PowerShell version detected.
>> Building Cache Information...
>> Please allow a few minutes for the caching to complete.
Cloning into 'GetEventLogs'...
Then, it just sat there. My expectation was that the software would also announce that the clone
was finished and would automatically pop open some kind of dialog to help me open my script. But
no! It just sits there. Very makes me think like the software is stuck or having
an error or isn't finished yet. IMHO, For a $400 piece of software this is very skimpy clone
Moreover, the text "Cloning into 'GetEventLogs'..." was RED in color -- as a
user, when I see a red-colored message I am usually thinking ERROR. Make the text blue or green
instead, to indicate "Information" and/or "OK", respectively. The red color makes me, as a user,
confused as to whether something went wrong. IMHO this is poor software UX. Red text
to indicate the software worked successfully is absurd.

Anyhoo, because I did not know whether my files came down from Git OK, then I decided to try the
clone operation over again. Then I got the following error in the Tools Output window:

Code: Select all

fatal: destination path 'GetEventLogs' already exists and is not an empty directory.
OK, so I get it, my files have been sucked down successfully and are now on my computer.
But maybe you might want to please give me a clue as to what path that is? The window just says
the name of the lowest-level directory only. I did a search of my system in File Explorer and could
not find the cloned files.

VERY POOR cloning support! Should use fully qualified path names (so I can find my
cloned files) and I expect that the software shows a message to tell me it's done when it finishes,
instead of looking like it hangs, and also I expect that there be some sort of pop-up to start a new
IDE project or somesuch with the cloned content.

Figure 03. Final display of the Tools Output window. Leading to confusion and frustration on my part.

Not at all what I expect for a piece of software that expects me to pay $400 for a licensed copy.
Every other IDE out there shows you qualified paths, reports when it's completed an operation, and
opens things automatically for you when they clone.

Please pay attention to detail when integrating with a source-control system as popular as Git.
IMHO, I would want to pay $400 for a product that saves me time, not costs me time.

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Re: Can't clone from GitHub

Post by astrohart »

OK, so I did a little bit of clicking around, ON MY OWN (how absurd!) and found out that my cloned files went into

Code: Select all

C:\Program Files\SAPIEN Technologies, Inc\PowerShell Studio 2019
The Program Files directory? Are you serious. This breaks, like, every convention and rule of Git cloning there is. You always want to try and keep local repo paths as short as possible. And thanks for telling me this and not making it so I had to hunt it down! Very frustrating.

You know, I already have paid the $400 licensing fee, but software this poorly-designed and low-quality does not deserve my money. I will write your sales team and ask for a refund. Your software is total crap.

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Alexander Riedel
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Re: Can't clone from GitHub

Post by Alexander Riedel »

I am looking into it and I understand you are frustrated. It seems odd that any software, Git or otherwise, is able to write unimpeded to 'Program Files' or a sub folder thereof.
This is a protected folder and will issue a prompt unless you are running everything elevated to begin with.
Could you confirm if there was a security prompt as there should have been?
Alexander Riedel
SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.

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Re: Can't clone from GitHub

Post by davidc »

We made changes in the v5.6.161 service build to address this issue.
SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.