Subscription has Expired

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Subscription has Expired

Post by sambino239 »


Im getting a subscription has expired! warning however we renewed until 31.12.2019. How do we update the portal and software to reflect this ?


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Re: Subscription has Expired

Post by davidc »

Which product and build is this?

Sometimes the software is not in sync with server after renewing. It usually synchronizes when you update the software, but you can press the X button on the notification to ignore it. It will not affect the use of the product.
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Re: Subscription has Expired

Post by sapiensales »

Hi Sambino. We found the issue associated with your license that was prompting the expired warning. It has been fixed, and you should no longer see this. If for any reason this message does persist, please e-mail us directly to so we can get you taken care of. Thank you!