Some controls are invisible in Designer

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Some controls are invisible in Designer

Post by abrayninger »

Sometimes, especially if I perform the "Undo" action after some changes in Designer, some of controls can disappear and are not shown on the main form. Although I can find them in the property explorer. How can I make them shown again?

The "Undo" button's behavior is extremely unpredictable when I try to undo something in Designer. There was a case when I clicked it once and it made undone all the action performed during the last session.

PS Studio 2018 5.5.154 x64
Windows 10 x64

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Re: Some controls are invisible in Designer

Post by mxtrinidad »

I need more information to reproduce the issue:

1. Which Controls are you using?
2. Are you deleting or moving the control around?
3. Do you have the Auto-Save ON?

I'm not able to reproduce the issue with "Undo". It seems to work OK for me.