Querying DataGridView

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Querying DataGridView

Post by supportMIB »

I have a datagrid view that is populated with:

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$Global:coll = (Get-ADUser -filter * -Properties PasswordNeverExpires, passwordlastset, lastlogon, enabled | select Name, Enabled, PasswordNeverExpires, PasswordLastset, @{ name = "LastLogon"; Expression = ({ get-date $_.lastlogon -UFormat "%D %R" }) })

Update-DataGridView $datagridview6 $coll
This populates it with all of our AD users, with their username, enabled status etc...

I have a group box that contains several checkboxes such as:
[ ] Non-Expiring Accounts (this would slim the datagridview to just showing non-expiring accounts)
[ ] Older than 90 days (this would display accounts older than 90 days)

My issue with this is when I click Non expiring password box, it slims down the list to only show those, but what if i wanted to see non expiring AND older than 90 days?

What is the best way to achieve this?

Should I have it show non expiring, then re-query the orignal data (stored in $coll) and add that to the datagridview then remove duplicates?

Any suggestions would be appreciated
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Re: Querying DataGridView

Post by jvierra »

To filter on multiple criteria you will need to use a DataTable and set the "RowFilter" property of the "DefaultDataView". Use your search engine to find examples of using the "DefaultDataView.RowFilter" property.