How to create a 'Wait cursor' (hourglass)

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Re: How to create a 'Wait cursor' (hourglass)

Post by jvierra »

I wasn't proposing it for now but, because you mentioned runspaces, I though I would show you that PowerShell has runspaces on steroids and more wrapped up into workflows.

Workflows have been part of Windows for almost 20 years. They have been hard to access from script and few wanted to learn the WF tools. Now this highly advanced, industry wide technology is accessible from PowerShell. If you do any kind of repeated remote queries or tasks then WF is a useful tool.

WF and DSC are part of WMF now and are delivered and updated automatically via Windows Update. WF should now be PowerShell version independent although the syntax is PS dependent.

Here is the WWF (not World Wresting but it is a world wrestler - Windows Workflow Foundation.)

PowerShell simplifies this Windows subsystem and makes it accessible although, I am sure, we will see an expansion of WWF into PowerShell as time passes. Right now the dudes at MS are completing DSC and trying to get WMF 5 out the door. It will - or should - change the world.

Go team!

Anyway - for you and any stumbling-on; this info might be useful.