The PrimalScript 2015 localization support.

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The PrimalScript 2015 localization support.

Post by Dimitri_C »

Does the PrimalScript 2015 support localization? I want localize existing VBScript project with different languages: French/Canadian, Japanese and Chinese (Traditional) languages.

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Re: The PrimalScript 2015 localization support.

Post by jvierra »

You cannot localize VBScript. PowerShell supports culture and locale but has no facilities to directly localize. You would have to place all of you strings in files and handle the locale yourself. If you create modules they can be localized.

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Alexander Riedel
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Re: The PrimalScript 2015 localization support.

Post by Alexander Riedel »

I am not sure what you mean by localization "support". Typically you would use Unicode for your script files, which is obviously supported and include constants for your messages and strings in the desired languages.
Then find the local language of the computer ... 00695.html
and show the corresponding string
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