Working with ArrayList table

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Working with ArrayList table

Post by waynecierkowski »

I'm fighting with this one. I have created a Arraylist table of servers from our Active Directory. Now I have a listing of all of our Virtual machines from our VMware environment. I want to replace the short name entry in the Active Directory Arraylist with the Fully Qualified Name from VMware.

The active directory arraylist table is called $MasterServerList.
The VMware entries are in two variables, $VMServerName and $VMServerNameFQN

Now doing this in plain old powershell cmd window I issue the following command,
$MasterServerList -replace $VMServerName, $VMServerNameFQN

When that command is issued it shows me a listing of the array table with the change, so far so good..

But when I just enter the array name, $MasterServerList the change is no longer present.

First question why is this happening?
How can I use the -replace command without showing me a table listing every time I replace an entry?

At the end of my program I want to dump the arraylist table out to a file.

TIA for your help...

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Re: Working with ArrayList table

Post by jvierra »

Simple. Just save the results.

$MasterServerList = $MasterServerList -replace $VMServerName, $VMServerNameFQN