[PrimalXML2016] Better support for Hi-Res/Hi-DPI displays

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[PrimalXML2016] Better support for Hi-Res/Hi-DPI displays

Post by datacore.glenn »


I'd like to request better support for higher resolution displays. In my case, I make extensive use of the Simple XPath Search functionality but on my workstation, equipped with a 3200x1800 276PPI display, the size of the text in the search expression box makes it excruciating to use. The font size is miniscule (screenshot attached) and I can find no application setting which changes that.

I have tried using the "Disable display scaling on high PPI displays" feature of the OS but it makes no difference to how the this application renders itself.

I have no such issues with PowershellStudio2015/16.

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PrimalXML 2016
Version 4.2.41
Windows 10 Pro

3200 x 1800 276 PPI
PXML2016_XPathSearch_Hi-DPI_TextSize.png (98.66 KiB) Viewed 1941 times

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Re: [PrimalXML2016] Better support for Hi-Res/Hi-DPI displays

Post by davidc »

Thank you for reporting this. I will pass it along to the team.

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