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[PSS 2015] Minor Autocomplete / Primal Sense Tweaks

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[PSS 2015] Minor Autocomplete / Primal Sense Tweaks

Postby Bosparan » Wed Jan 13, 2016 9:00 am

Hi guys,

two more minor tweaks have come up:

Primal Sense in ValidateScript
When manually typing a validate script on a parameter block, $_ refers to the parameter after type-coercion. Thus it would make sense to provide primal sense for it.

Autocomplete on .NET Types
When I'm typing a .NET type with braces (e.g. when casting or as parameter type constraint), autocomplete will finish the type and close the brace. This is a bit bothersome when I want to create an array of the type.
So I thought ... how about adding a function key to autocomplete to array instead?

e.g ("|" is - as usual - the cursor location):
# As we type (Proposes: System.String)
[System.Str |
# Autocomplete with ENTER
# Autocomplete with ALT + ENTER


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