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[PSS 2015] Primal Sense - Custom C# Libraries enhanced

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 1:29 am
by Bosparan
Hi guys,

another feature request, this one on a rarely touched upon feature:
Primal Sense for Custom C# Libraries.

As it currently is, I can add a .NET library to a project and receive Primal Sense for its public types. That's already pretty cool and we use it every day. However, there are two aspects to it, that could be seriously improved upon:

Updating the library
Adding the library makes the .dll file uneditable, until closing PSS. Library updates thus require all team-mates to shutdown and restart their PSS (for our primary libraries we went so far as to write a function, to speed up the process). This is cumbersome and could be improved upon, by the simple act of parsing dlls in a temporary process that sends the read meta-data back into the PSS process (plus a filesystemwatcher to catch changes).

Help documentation is lost
Our C# guys spend a lot of time documenting the code they write. This comes in handy when writing C# code that uses the written code, as help documentation shows how to use the old code.
Having the same ability from PSS would be rather helpful. This of course can't be done with simply the compiled dll, but would probably rather require parsing the source code.

While the former issue can be somewhat worked around, the latter would be an invaluable feature for team-projects.


Re: [PSS 2015] Primal Sense - Custom C# Libraries enhanced

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 4:20 pm
by davidc
Updating the library

We will look into this, but .NET locks the file when you load an assembly. The application needs to do this in order to provide PrimalSense support while editing.

Help documentation is lost
As for the help, PowerShell Studio is able to display the help if the assembly has an accompanying XML help file.