Color of "Highlight Current Line"

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Color of "Highlight Current Line"

Post by dave.wiard »

The "Highlight Current Line" function should be tied in to a new customizable display item color. I'm using a custom dark color set based entirely on the Solarized color palette. Today I noticed the "highlight current line" option and decided it was worth a shot to see if I like it. I was greeted with a bright, almost white, background so I immediately turned it back off.

The highlighting is part of the editor and it seems logical to me that it belongs with the editor colors settings, not an arbitrary pre-defined color that renders the feature not worth using.

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Color of "Highlight Current Line"

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Re: Color of "Highlight Current Line"

Post by OldLost »

I concur. I too recently tried this option and also run a dark color set and experienced the same consternation as Dave. Please consider this change for a future update.

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Re: Color of "Highlight Current Line"

Post by davidc »


We will see what we can do. I added the request to the wish list.

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