[PSS/PS 2015] PrimalSense: Recognize "#Requires -Modules"

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[PSS/PS 2015] PrimalSense: Recognize "#Requires -Modules"

Post by danbarr »

In both PowerShell Studio and PrimalScript 2015, PrimalSense does not recognize the "#Requires -Modules xxx" statement in v3+ scripts when deciding what Cmdlets to highlight or auto-complete. Also, the "Verify Script" featue of PSS 2015 reports "Missing Cmdlets" for modules which are covered by a #Requires -Modules statement.

Since "#Requires -Modules" will cause a module to be imported if not present, having a separate Import-Module statement in a script just to trigger PrimalSense is redundant. I know I can change the option to highlight all Cmdlets, but I'd rather still have some indicator that a module hasn't been covered by either an Import-Module or #Requires -Modules statement.


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Re: [PSS/PS 2015] PrimalSense: Recognize "#Requires -Modules

Post by davidc »

We will look into added support for this.

Thank you for bring this to our attention.

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