32 bit Mode Powershell

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32 bit Mode Powershell

Post by C3PO_R2D2 »

Hi, I notice the following:
With Powershell Studio, you can run your scripts in 32 bit mode. Normally, this is seldom needed, however, I have some scripts that connect to a Notes object, which can only be loaded whilst in 32 bit mode.
This works well if you run the script or if you debug the script.
However, when you run the script in console -> Run (Selection) In Console, then a 64 bit Powershell window is opened, not a 32 bit version.
Can this be adapted in a future version?
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Re: 32 bit Mode Powershell

Post by Alexander Riedel »

Just put this comment in your script:
# %ForceShell%=PowerShell 32 bit
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