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Directory Object Picker for PowerShell Studio?

Posted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:00 am
by dan.smith
Resurrecting the following topic:

Could we request that an implementation of the Directory Object Picker (DOP) be added in a future release? We were wondering if this item could be added to the set of controls available in the toolbox?

The ability to easily select users and groups (either locally or from the AD) is something that I believe that many users would find very helpful. I would venture to guess that a control of this type would get as much use as the already implemented "open/save file" dialogs.

In our case, we're using PowerShell Studio to build a directory management application which frequently interacts with objects from Active Directory. Currently, we're using a kludged-together solution for searching for groups and/or users which isn't as robust as the Directory Object Picker implemented by Microsoft. In order to improve on our solution, we've attempted to wrap the native code in PowerShell so we can use it within our projects. The nice thing about this code it that it does not require the installation of the Active Directory module for PowerShell.

Anyway, we think this would be an valuable addition.

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