[PSS] Hide Control In Designer

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[PSS] Hide Control In Designer

Post by SHONPT »

I believe the ability to hide controls in the Designer view would be extremely helpful.
This feature would be exclusively for the Designer and not the finished form.

Example use:

I have several controls inside of a panel control on my form.
The panel control is programmatically docked so it's position in the designer is not important.
Controls beneath this panel are blocked from view / clutters the view and to navigate through the controls the Properties drop-down control selector is used but is cumbersome when many controls are defined for the form.

I'd like to be able to select this panel and simply hide it and all of it's controls through a context menu option (like a 'Show'/'Hide' check box) or property field so that I can utilize the Designer view to manipulate other controls without having to use the Properties drop-down menu to find my controls in the form.

Perhaps a dockable window can be shown in the Designer ribbon for all hidden controls so that if controls are hidden they can be toggled to show and hide as desired from this window.

I hope that made sense!

Thanks for reading,