[PSS] Syntax highlighting PS1XML

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[PSS] Syntax highlighting PS1XML

Post by Bosparan »


with the recent update you introduced syntax highlighting for additional languages. Thank you very much for that, it is a help.
Could you update the highlighting for XML to also be applied to ps1xml extension files? Those are effectively XML files, but PowerShell requires the custom extension ...


PS: Also thank you for allowing multiple psd1 files, that's also gonna come in handy with localization.

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Re: [PSS] Syntax highlighting PS1XML

Post by DevinL »

Thanks for yet another suggestion, Fred.

I've filed this as an internal feature request and when we have more information we'll be sure to post it here.
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Re: [PSS] Syntax highlighting PS1XML

Post by davidc »

Yes, we missed that one and it will be included in the next service release.
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