[PSS] Flex Project

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[PSS] Flex Project

Post by Bosparan »


PSS projects are fairly powerful, but sometimes I'd really like to have something a little more flexible.
Imagine being able to simply declare any folder a project. All contents are automatically part of the project but no project file is created ... in the folder.
Rather, PSS keeps the project file in a central location and initializes all unknown or new files as part of the project with default settings.

At the same time, being able to bulk-edit the settings of files from within a project becomes necessary (defaults may not work for all files and projects can get large).

As part of this, PSS would need to automatically need to update when new files are added or old files removed from outside of PSS, since this is pretty much a raw live view at a folder.

Finally, it would be nice if PSS could auto-detect things such as modules and switch into the correct mode where file defaults are concerned.


PS: This would also mandate the end of enforced maximum number of files of a given type ("-psd1", anybody?), which is long overdue

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Re: [PSS] Flex Project

Post by DevinL »

Thank you for your suggestion, I've filed an internal feature request and if we get some more information on implementing this, we'll be sure to post it here.
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