[PSS] Per Project options / options file

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[PSS] Per Project options / options file

Post by Bosparan »

Hi Guys,

I'm currently working on multiple open source projects and one thing is driving me nuts!
I've got lots of flexibility in configuring PowerShell Studio - haven't found something that comes close so far - but it's all global settings.

- Per project options
- All settings default to the global config, but can individually be overridden for a project.
- The per-project settings (or modifications from the default options) should be stored separately in an options file.
- Projects have associated options files, that are part of the project!

Most Open Source projects have style guides, and few are identical among each other. This has led me to having to reconfigure PSS when switching between projects.
Being able to do so flexibly would be great! Even better, by sharing the options as option files, I can maintain the settings to adhere to style guidelines as part of the project, making it ...
a) Easier to distribute across team-members
b) More attractive for other team-members to also use PSS


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Re: [PSS] Per Project options / options file

Post by DevinL »

Thank you for your suggestion, I've filed an internal feature request and if we get some information, we'll be sure to post it here.
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