[PSS 2017] Build 5.4.136

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[PSS 2017] Build 5.4.136

Post by Bosparan »

Hi guys,

first of all big, great ...

Thank You!

... for the latest update. It's a massive quality of life improvement for me.
- The module Primal Sense makes working on modules so much more comfortable
- Never has casual test running of snippets been easier, thanks to the auto-import :)
- The convert-to-splatting feature too is magic!

Also the loading time improvements on large projects are rather notable.

Really, the only thing I was unhappy with - and that's hardly your fault! - was that when I returned from work, spoiled by what I'd seen before quitting, Amazon S3 was down and I had to wait a few hours to get it on my private computers.

That said, I do have a feature request for the next build (greedy of me, I know):
A keybinding for convert to splatting. For example [CTRL] + [ALT] + [S].


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Re: [PSS 2017] Build 5.4.136

Post by davidc »

FYI we added the keyboard shortcut in the 5.4.140 service release.
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