PowerShell Studio 2016 -Navigation - Back Button

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PowerShell Studio 2016 -Navigation - Back Button

Post by timstspry17 »

I know that there is a previous post on this topic, but it is from 2011 and I don't see the feature incorporated into PowerShell Studio 2016. I am a .NET developer and am in Visual Studio 2015 every day. VS 2015 has a navigate back button which is useful if you right click on a method and go to its definition. I would like the same functionality in PowerShell Studio. The suggested workaround is to bookmark where you are in your script prior to right clicking on a function and selecting goto declaration. While that will work, this is less than ideal for someone who spends most of their time in VS. I would like to see this functionality added to your product.

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Re: PowerShell Studio 2016 -Navigation - Back Button

Post by Bosparan »

I usually split functions of into their own pages, so I can go back after looking up the definition by selecting the previous tab. That's not always possible though, so I second the motion.
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Re: PowerShell Studio 2016 -Navigation - Back Button

Post by DevinL »

Hey timstpry17,

Just a note that we've added this feature in our latest service build (5.4.136) and we'd appreciate it if you could give it a try.

Please let us know if you have any troubles or concerns.
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