[PSS 2016]Make Content and Command Extension non-exclusive

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[PSS 2016]Make Content and Command Extension non-exclusive

Post by Bosparan »

Hi guys,

When I set a file in a project to build type "Content" its 'Command Extension' cannot be set to true. This may make sense in a compiled project, but ... in a module project it's a problem:
  • To include a file in the module when it is being deployed, its build type must be set to "Content"
  • Logically, all functions in a module can call each other
The result is that I either ...
  • ... cannot receive Primal Sense on Module functions
  • ... cannot use the PSS Deploy features
  • ... have to automate changing its type before deployment (and change it back afterwards)
With that in mind, I considered the best way around this and came to what I believe to be the best solution:
Disable the contradiction of Build Type versus Command Extension. Add a warning for non-module projects that are configured that way.

In Modules it is plain bad. In other projects, the contradiction usually applies. But not always, as there are exceptions to all rules. In those cases, users should be able to do this, but a warning becomes necessary for users unaware of the consequences.