[PSS 2016] Unlocking Files during execution

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[PSS 2016] Unlocking Files during execution

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here I am once again, with yet another minor feature request (unless it's already there and I just didn't notice, that is. Don't think so though ...):
When running a project, PowerShell Studio will lock out all files from being edited.
While in general this might make sense (errors and their lines will still match the actual scripts), but it is not always ideal:
- Files not part of the project are also being locked (This should not be the case at all)
- I'd appreciate an option to disable it for the project being executed as well (it's not like that will have any effect on the execution).

I'm currently building a small application, that will do some lengthy data processing. This means many items going through fairly simple functions - which won't fail, I've tested that on a smaller scale - during the performance tests. Meanwhile I'm prevented from making any changes. At the moment I work around this by opening a second instance of PowerShell Studio, but I'd prefer having a choice whether I get to be locked out to begin with.