Imported Module Highlight and Navigation

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Imported Module Highlight and Navigation

Post by smokingjoe »

PowerShell Studio 2016 [REMOVED BY MODERATOR]

Kinda new at Powershell but here goes. I created a PSM1 file to start grouping some of the more common functions and operations and together. But I noticed that when I go to test my code even though the stepping through the code works fine when you look at the source there are some issue.

The source code where I call a function like:

$A = myfunction

Where myfunction is in a module file that was imported the myfunction part is very gray in color the same as any other missing command let. Seems like maybe it would be some other format to indicate it is being imported. Also the function Navigation tool in the upper right where all the functions for the current script are listed could be enhanced to show the local functions but then nodes for each Module imported and the Exported modules.

Do any of you think this would be useful?
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Re: Imported Module Highlight and Navigation

Post by davidc »

For your own security please do not post your subscription number on the forums.

The commands can be gray for a number of reasons:

1. The imported module is not cached by PowerShell Studio.
2. The module's cache is not up to date.
3. The coloring could also be affected by the editor settings (Option->PrimalSense->Cmdlet PrimalSense). The default is to color all cmdlets regardless if the module is imported or not.

If you explicitly import a module, the module should have a check mark in the Object Browser:
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