MSI Building Woes Exe Not included.

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MSI Building Woes Exe Not included.

Post by ojrivera770729 »

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Product: PowerShell Studio 2020 (64 Bit)
Build: v5.7.182
OS: Windows 10 Enterprise (64 Bit)
Build: v10.0.19041.0

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I get that you can't use packaging to include other files because of the OS changes. I get that you created an msi builder to address this. What I don't get is why the msi includes the support files needed but doesn't include the EXE from the the script I created. Its quite irritating that something so simple that worked in past versions with no issue is now mind boggling complex.

Steps taken:
Created a new forms script in Powershell Studio.
Packaged said script and output to bin folder <nameofscript.exe>
Updated MSI settings included the support files, an ICO, a cmd and another separate ps1
Built msi output <Scriptname.msi>

Ran script and can see it in my add remove programs. Checked c:\program files\My Corp Name\productfolder.
In that folder lies the ico, the cmd and the other ps1 but not the exe. What gives????

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Alexander Riedel
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Re: MSI Building Woes Exe Not included.

Post by Alexander Riedel »

Just add your produced exe to the list of files included in the MSI. That's not mind boggling complex, it just puts the user in control what gets added to the MSI.
I understand that, if all you want is to create an MSI your packaged exe with a few other files, any extra step may seem somewhat superfluous.
But if you consider that other users have post processing on their produced exe. Maybe they move it elsewhere, add additional resources, obfuscate, precompile, statically link additional assemblies or whatever else comes to mind. They would have to jump through hoops for no reason at all to avoid having the original exe added to the MSI by default.

So the task of adding the exe you want in your MSI once, and only once, to the list of files is not such a big task I think.
Alexander Riedel
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