Build Module to Custom Path

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Build Module to Custom Path

Post by som.s.peters »

How can I have Build Module or Export to File export my module to a custom folder location? I don't want to have move the project to a shared location every time I need to share it.

Old build process: Whole project was in a SharePoint OneDrive folder that was shared with the team and they could directly import the module. This caused some minor sync issues and slowness importing the modules. They also occasionally loaded PowerShell with a buggy version of a function as sync was automatic.

New build process: Moved the module out of the OneDrive folder and into its own. Started using Git for source control, yay! Now I want to build the module into the old synced folder to share with the team since GitHub is $$$ for private corporate repo users. This will also give only 2 files instead of the 50+ I had before. How can I change where the module is built to on a per project basis as I have modules for a few different teams.

Edit: This is not the form I posted my question it, This is for PowerShell Studio 2020 5.7.178

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Re: Build Module to Custom Path

Post by brittneyr »

The build path is not something that can be specified when building a module. It always builds to the PowerShell folder in your Documents. However, you can deploy your module to the specific location using the SAPIEN Script Packager:
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