Jobs created in a PowerShell service display differently in Task Manager

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Jobs created in a PowerShell service display differently in Task Manager

Post by mac_attack »

Product: PowerShell Studio 2019 (64 Bit)
Build: v5.6.164
OS: Windows 10 Pro (64 Bit)
Build: v10.0.17763.0

This is a continuation of the following SO question: ... sk-manager

If I start multiple PowerShell jobs using the snippet below, the 'child' processes are grouped together under the invoking/parent process in Task Manager:

Code: Select all

Start-Job -SciptBlock {Start-Sleep 600}
Example showing jobs grouped nicely under 'parent' process:

Yet if I create a number of jobs in a Service created using PowerShell Studio, the jobs created appear in Task Manager ungrouped, as though they're independant processes.

Example showing loose/ungrouped jobs created by PowerShell Service

Does anyone know why this happens? It might just be because the job is being created by a background application/service and is expected Windows behaviour; rather than strange behaviour caused by PowerShell Studio! :)


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Alexander Riedel
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Re: Jobs created in a PowerShell service display differently in Task Manager

Post by Alexander Riedel »

First of all, a process is always an independent entity. Since you are creating a new process using Start-Job, which is a Microsoft PowerShell CmdLet, you should probably ask there what exactly they do behind the scenes.
The most likely explanation is that if you start a job from a console, stdin, stdout and stderr of the new process share the same streams of the 'parent' process, hence it creates a dependence and relation.
If you start your jobs from a non-console process, like a service, there is no console and stdin, stdout and stderr mean nothing, so they are likely not shared (I did not verify this).
That in turn means that Task Manager has no means to correlate these processes and group them, because they do not share anything.
Alexander Riedel
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