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right-click for bookmark displays context menu

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 8:32 am
by gmichaud
PrimalScript Version 7.4.111 (PSR18Setup_7.4.111_022418_x64.exe)
64 bit
Windows 10 build 1709
64 bit OS

I'm a long time primalscript 2012 user. I make bookmarks with right-click on the line numbers, to the left of the actual editable area. This is much faster and more natural than contorting my hand into Ctrl-F2. With the 2018 eval this makes the bookmark ok, but it also displays the file's context menu. Not harmful, just annoying. It does this with .vbs, .cmd and unsaved text files, probably all files types.

Also, the simple action of making a bookmark on a newly opened file makes primalscript think the file has changed. I get a asterisk on the file's tab and closing it without actually editing it brings up the prompt to save the changes. This happens even with the options 'Save undo information' & 'save local bookmarks' unchecked.