Trial Help: Disabling Rollover Help and Creating MSI Packages

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Trial Help: Disabling Rollover Help and Creating MSI Packages

Post by davespatz » Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:01 pm

Question 1:
When I roll the mouse over any PowerShell script code it tries to be helpful and tell me what strings are or that I'm hovering over a variable which is obvious. That's great for beginners but it's really annoying and I can't find where to turn it off. How do I turn this off? It's pretty distracting.

Question 2:
Is there a tutorial about making MSI packages? I keep trying and says that it can't copy the PS1 file I'm trying to built against. Certainly something I'm doing wrong. Also, I assume I can add the /quiet switch to the MSI when built?

Product, version and build: PowerShell Studio 2017
32 or 64 bit version of product: 64
Operating system: Win10
32 or 64 bit OS: 64

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Re: Trial Help: Disabling Rollover Help and Creating MSI Packages

Post by davidc » Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:21 pm

Question 1:
Unfortunately, at this time there isn't a setting to disable the hover text. Displaying the type information like this is standard behavior for development environments. Visual Studio is a prime example.

Question 2:
What is the exact error message that you are getting?
Note: The application needs read / write permission in the script's directory in order to produce the MSI.

Please refer to the following articles for more details on the MSI builder: ... 14-part-3/ ... ld-7-0-49/

These articles are for PrimalScript, but still apply to PowerShell Studio.
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