UI functionality questions

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Re: UI functionality questions

Post by danabrash » Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:11 pm

Hi David,

test notes:

I made changes to a function (added a parameter).

Afterwards, debugging works fine using the new parameter, but the change didn't show up in the Primal Sense.
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I tried Reloading, rebuilding, and re-importing from Edit Cache, but no results. I was finally able to open Edit Cache, remove the module, close Edit Cache, re-open Edit Cache, and re-import the module and rebuild the cache. That seemed to do the trick:
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Without all these contortions at least the debugger works and sees the changes fine, which is great. So the running code picks up on the change in functionality, I can step in to functions, and all that. I interpret that as this being a Primal Sense issue since 'everything else' seems to be working OK. It's almost like Primal Sense doesn't pick up on structural/schema/metadata changes to a function object until the whole module is completely reloaded.

Not sure if it makes a difference to the cache or not, but I'm importing a .psd1 that references a .psm1 that imports a bunch of other .psm1 modules, then the .psd1 is exporting the functions. Should be standard, but thought I'd mention it. I haven't noticed different behavior when I import a target .psm1 directly.

Seems like a lot of contortions to jump through to get Primal Sense to work when I change a function structure. At least I have a magik chicken foot now, and a better understanding when to use it.


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Re: UI functionality questions

Post by davidc » Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:49 pm

It possible it didn't rebuild because the module version did not change. I will bring up these points with the team and see what we can do to make this easier.

As for importing the psd1, as long as PowerShell detects the exported functions, the cache will pick them up as well.
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