PowerShell 2015 and Primal Script 2014 No longer activated?

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PowerShell 2015 and Primal Script 2014 No longer activated?

Post by jackbrennan »


I did a complete reinstall of my machine after upgrading to Windows 10 a few days ago. After the install I Activated PowerShell Studio 2015 and Primal Script 2014 on my desktop machine.

However, today I went to work on my desktop and neither product is activated anymore and the activation is still used up on my account page.

I'm using 2/2 activation for both products, which is correct, except one of those activation is on my desktop. As i said above, both products have been deactivated on that machine.

All I've done since is run CCleaner after i activated the products? Could that have wiped the license data?

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Re: PowerShell 2015 and Primal Script 2014 No longer activat

Post by Alexander Riedel »

I am not sure exactly what CCLeaner does, but of course it is possible that it removed license information. Send your subscription numbers to support@sapien.com and ask for a one time reset.
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