Comparison between VersionRecall & ChangeVue?

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Comparison between VersionRecall & ChangeVue?

Post by Eurisko »

Is there a good comparison between VersionRecall vs ChangeVue anywhere? I was debating on which to go with. I realize with PowerShell Studio 2014 x64 that I will have to purchase ChangeVue 2014 (or revert to the 32 bit version of PowerShell Studio) to be able to get my version control again. I figured now would be a good time to evaluate between the two.

Since it's just me using the product and there isn't anyone accessing the source control repository that maybe VersionRecall would be better (Although they cost the same).


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Re: Comparison between VersionRecall & ChangeVue?

Post by davidc »

VersionRecall is more of a hands off source control, where it works with any file type and doesn't need to be integrated into a product. You have the option to schedule when a version is created or control it manually.

VersionRecall is perfect for the single user who doesn't want worry about having to check files in and out all the time.

Where ChangeVue is more team specific and need to be integrated into the editor.

For more info on VersionRecall please refer to this blog article: ... -released/

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