SAPIEN PowerShell Studio - Can't post in the Forum

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SAPIEN PowerShell Studio - Can't post in the Forum

Post by matthitchcock »

I cannot post in the PowerShell Studio forum and have an issue with the product.

I had a time-limited trial that I installed on my work machine, I cannot remove it because of a ShortName issue (no common fixes for that have worked) and it has now broken PowerGUI. When pressing F11 to step through a script in PowerGUI it launches the PowerShell Studio installation/Uninstallation process which promptly fails!

I think this is an issue you guys need to be aware of, it's certainly interesting in that the product has now made it's way into another product somehow :S

In addition, how do I get this trial removed?! I am using PowerShell Studio on a different machine now.


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Alexander Riedel
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Re: SAPIEN PowerShell Studio - Can't post in the Forum

Post by Alexander Riedel »

You cannot post in the PowerShell Studio forum because this is reserved for users with a registered license.

If you cannot uninstall PowerShell Studio it would appear there is something wrong with Windows Installer on your machine.
Since I don't have additional information I have to refer you to Microsoft on that.

If you delete the following keys:

PowerShell Studio is no longer shown as an installed product. Please understand that this is not the same as an uninstall.
You will have to search the registry manually or with the help of some tool to delete references to PowerShell Studio.

As for PowerGUI, I am a bit puzzled as to what could possibly happen there but we have NO interaction with PowerGUI nor do we share components. If the PowerGUI debugger invokes Windows Installer to uninstall someone else's product you probably want to ask them about that. Please understand that we have no means of determining what exactly PowerGUI's debugger does internally.

I am in no position to tell you what to do, but if my machine would have that kind of issues I would consider re-installing the OS. I know, its the typical tech support recommendation, but sometimes it is just faster to do that. :-)
Alexander Riedel
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