ForEach-Object -parallel

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ForEach-Object -parallel

Post by SchuleDigital_HG »


i have a problem with the new PowerShell7 Feature "ForEach-Object -parallel !!!!

I tryed a lot of thinks, but nothing workted for me, I hope you can help.

I try this code:

1 .. 5 | ForEach-Object -Parallel { "Hello $_"; sleep 2; } -ThrottleLimit 5
$textbox1.Text = "Fertig"

In PowerShellStudio 2021 i select V7 - 64 Bit and hit run. Everythink good, no Problem.

So I hit "Package" and "Build". (In settings i choose Powershell 7.1.0 and Windows Forms)
Than I hit the EXE File. The Programm Starts, but I never come to the point of "$textbox1.text".
In the Taskmanager I can see that 5 new Processes are started called "Windows Powershell", but nothink happen.

So my script and the processes run forever.

I hope someone can help me.

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Re: ForEach-Object -parallel

Post by Olga_B »

Thanks for reporting the problem, we have been able to reproduce it and have filed a bug report with the development team.
We are investigating this and will update you as soon as we have more information

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Re: ForEach-Object -parallel

Post by Alexander Riedel »

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