Licensing question

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Licensing question

Post by vensmueller »

Dear Support,

I am facing a tricky problem and I was unsure to where to post this. Anyways here I go:

We have a .exe compiled with Powershell Studio which after a migration stopped working since the code references the wrong SQL server now. I couldn't find any recent binaries to this .exe which would have allowed me to change the connection string. I need this .exe decompiled back to a powershell script file to do just that.

I read in your forums that a bought version of Powershell Studio and an active maintenance is required for one to get their .exe decompiled back to a posh script. But since the employee who made this .exe is no longer with us and we also don't know if he had purchased Powershell Studio. That's why I'd like for you to check 2 business email addresses and if they are associated with an account that has bought a version of Powershell Studio.

I hope there is a way in which I can supply you with those email addresses through a more private channel.

Thanks in advance, stay healthy

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Re: Licensing question

Post by brittneyr »

You are correct, we are able to recover scripts from executables made with our packager for customers with active maintenance, but the executables must be uploaded from the account with the license. The recovered scripts are then sent to the email associated with the customer's account.

Please email your request to the following email:
Brittney Ryn
SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.