Removal of a 2nd registered account?

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Removal of a 2nd registered account?

Post by smjadtnf707 »


Who do I contact about the removal of a second registered account?

I believe what happened is I used my work email for a trial,
Then when I was ready to purchase used my personal email, credit card, etc...

But sometimes I accidentally log in to the second account, especially on the forums.

I'd like to just have that account removed, that way if I try logging in using that user id and password, I will get a "Denied access" and realize I need to log in with my registered, purchased software account.
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J A Reif
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Re: Removal of a 2nd registered account?

Post by J A Reif »

Hello Wayne!

Send an email to with the usernames for each account and indicate which one you would like removed.
June Alane Reif
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