Offline License, Proxy, Upgrades..

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Offline License, Proxy, Upgrades..

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I have used offline activation because I am behind a corporate proxy (exceptions not allowed). I download/install the latest update thru the updater fine. After launching the new version, it states it cant reach the activation servers. I have to options. retry or cancel. Please add the option "Offline License dialogue" where I at least can re-enter my offline key. Now I have to back out to older version.

Q. Why do I need to reactivate my license every time I upgrade?
Q. Why can't Sapien software verify the license prior to upgrade, safe-guard it, then upgrade using that information?

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Re: Offline License, Proxy, Upgrades..

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I will see what we can do to streamline this. Curious that you can let the updater through the proxy but not the activation traffic. All use HTTPS.

Offline keys are no longer a thing since July 2018. Please see here:

You can just put the file into place and be done. Of course, if you renew, you would need to get a new license file.
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