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Offline License

Post by Huechtex »

Hi everybody,

I am currently evaluating PowerShell Studio 2018. So far I am really impressed by the product and will puchase the full license after finishing my tests.
There is still one question regarding the licensing: Am I able to install one license of my two in an environment at work, which has no internet connection?
I understand there are offline licenses but what are the prerequisits to obtain such a license? And how does licensing work on a virtual machine (at work, again without internet connection)?

Thanks in advance, Stefan

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Re: Offline License

Post by davidc »

Hello Stefan,

Thank you for the kind words.
And yes, you request an offline license from the Registered Products page:

The "Click to request an offline key" link is on the right-side panel of the page. You will need to register a license before you can submit a request.

The following article discusses activations and shows you where the link is located: ... ivation-2/
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