Your Order Form / Phone field is a nightmare

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Your Order Form / Phone field is a nightmare

Post by AkrosIT »

it is really very annoying if we would order a Sapien product and then get the error Message:
Please enter a valid phone number

of course, we have entered a valid (international) Phone number, so why are you not accepting it? If you know that the number is wrong, why don't you tell the real reason?

Our usual and well known formated number is: +41 32 329 90 30
Just for your order form, we tried 0041323299030 - which is perfectly valid - but you don't accept it.

Should we write a 'valid phone number generator' which tries all possible formats or could you please
a) add the information to the form about the 'valid' (accepted by Sapien) international phone number format
b) send us the information, how we must format our number: +41 32 329 90 30

of course, you could also solve the problem by using a customer-friendly regular expression.

Thanks a lot, kind regards,

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Alexander Riedel
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Re: Your Order Form / Phone field is a nightmare

Post by Alexander Riedel »

I will make absolutely sure to forward this to the web team. Thank you for pointing it out.
Alexander Riedel
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