Program crashes after Save as

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Program crashes after Save as

Post by billyjhnson »

Program crashes after "Save as..." or "Open"I have Primal Script 4.1.536Win XP with all UpdatesI haved Transformation Pack, but I have uninstalled it.After this I cannot save or open files.I haved new install Primal Script, without success. And Option "Disable Desktop Composition" without success ,tooI don't know what I can do

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Alexander Riedel
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Re: Program crashes after Save as

Post by Alexander Riedel »

PrimalScript 4.1 was released a long time ago. The last build I could find was from 2008, that's 13 years ago.
Windows XP stopped being supported in 2014, that is also quite a while ago. It is intriguing to solve a puzzle that is ancient by computer timelines though, even though none of this is supported anymore.
If the "Save As" and "Open" dialogs crash the application, it is likely due to the uninstall of this transformation pack. It was meant as Windows dressing (excuse the pun) to make Windows XP look like Windows 10.
That likely means changing the look and feel of the system standard dialogs like "Save As" and "Open". If you really need to use XP for some reason, do a fresh install of that. Or keep that Transformation pack.
Best would be to update to a more modern operating system and software version though.
Alexander Riedel
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