Remote debug - server core?

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Remote debug - server core?

Post by renenielsen »

I am attempting to set up remote debug for PowerShell scripting. My local system is a current Windows 10 desktop running PowerShell Studio. The target system is Hyper-V Server 2012 R2.

The immediate issue is with Cache Export. Specifically, when I execute ExportCacheCLI.exe on the remote server I get no output. This includes no command option output when not specifying the -Build & -Export switches.

The first question is: Is this scenario supported? Should I be able to remote debug against this O/S?

Next: If yes, what might I be missing such that I am getting no response from ExportCacheCLI?

Any other insights are appreciated.

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Re: Remote debug - server core?

Post by mxtrinidad »

The general scenario of remote connect to a system, as long as winrm is properly configured, it's supported.

We got an article about using ExportCacheCLI.exe tool soon to be release. But in a summary I recommend the following steps:

1. Create a shared folder on your local drive and unzipped the "" into it.
2. On the editor host console, PSremote to the system, then mapped the drive back to the shared folder.
3. Run the "ExportCacheCLI.exe" from the mapped drive. This will create the file "[ServerName].cacheexport".
4. Close the PSremoting connection "exit".
5. Load the export cache file in the editor using the "Import Remote Cache" option using Windows PowerShell Remoting.
6. Then, in the Platform, change the "Local Machine", drop down the list to find the remote server name.
7. The "object browser" will be updated with the remote system cached modules.

You should be good to go! And all these steps done from the editor.

How this helps!


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Re: Remote debug - server core?

Post by Alexander Riedel »

Please post in the appropriate product forum and provide the information requested there. Without proper information or even knowing which product you are using it is not possible to provide you with support.
You have not told us which product, what version, what build or what exact platform you are running on. "Windows 10" is too vague. There are just too many versions, builds and variations. It might not matter always, but if we have to go back and ask, it just takes time.

The feedback forum is not under any circumstances a place to request support for a product. It is usually not monitored by SAPIEN staff trained to answer product questions.
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