How to load DataGridView, one line at a time?

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How to load DataGridView, one line at a time?

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I'm wondering if it's possible to load the DataGridView, one line at time?

For example, this code below, it would be great for the event logs to be displayed as soon as they are parsed, one line at a time.

I was able to do this when using out-gridview, and it worked great, however, if this is possible with DataGridView, that would be even better.
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$log = Get-EventLog -LogName $comboBox1.SelectedItem -Newest $Ammount.text -EntryType Error, Warning -ComputerName $ComputerName.text | 
	                            Select-Object MachineName, Message, EventID, EntryType, TimeGenerated, Source
	                                Load-DataGridView -DataGridView $datagridview1 -Item $log