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GUI Questions

Post by james.bernard »

Product, version and build:
32 or 64 bit version of product: 64
Operating system: Win 10
32 or 64 bit OS: 64

Hey all,
first thanks for the assistance with Job Tracker, I got it working after actually doing what ya'll said :). I have 2 hopefully quick questions.
1) I am trying out the Dark and Light theme for GUI Forms you have setup, I see that you can set certain defined properties for when switching, but can you layout 2 completely different custom themes for switching between Dark and Light? i.e. Make a complete Dark theme with dark icons in the picture boxes, save that, and set that as the dark and then do the same with light? I already have done the predefined properties like borders and whatnot but was curious about having different images as well.
2) With the Job Tracker I have it return if the PC is online or not with a ping before the job runs the scriptblock. It is working but I am not sure if its the best way to go about it, and wanted to know if you guys had a better way of accomplishing it. I will put the code I am using below.
Thanks for all your help!

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#Create a New Job using the Job Tracker
		$paramAddJobTracker = @{
			Name	  = 'JobName'
			JobScript = {
			Param ($computername)
				#Important: Do not access form controls from this script block.
			$PingCheck = Test-Connection $Computername -count 1 -quiet
			if ($PingCheck)
				$RunCDollar = $DrivePath = "\\$ComputerName\C$"
				explorer.exe $DrivePath
				$LTJ = "stopped"
			if ($LTJ -ne $null)
			ArgumentList = $ComputerName
			CompletedScript = {
				Param ([System.Management.Automation.Job]$Job)
			$results = Receive-Job -Job $Job
			$LTJ = @($results)[-1]
				if ($LTJ -eq "stopped")
				$outputbox.SelectionColor = 'Red';
				$outputbox.AppendText("PC is Offline")

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Re: GUI Questions

Post by jvierra »

Themes in WinForms are managed by the system. We can only choose what is available. You could detect the current theme then set your icons.

As far as I can tell, full themes are only available in WPF.

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Re: GUI Questions

Post by Alexander Riedel »

I think he is asking about the dark mode / light mode form template in PowerShell Studio, not the Windows theme.
You can edit the Set-ControlTheme function to include changing the pictures when switching from light or dark
Alexander Riedel
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